National Strategy

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The National Strategy to Reduce Gambling Harms 2019 to 2022 in Great Britain enlisted a broad range of partners to reduce gambling harms, including Greo.  

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The two strategic priorities were prevention and education and treatment and support, which included four important enablers: regulation and oversight, collaboration, evaluation, and research to inform action. Greo supported the National Strategy by applying our skills and expertise to the Strategy's evaluation and research to inform action enablers.

To provide the infrastructure to collate and disseminate research and assess the impact of research on policy in the UK, Greo built the Research to Inform Action Evidence Hub.

Our Safer Gambling Evaluation Evidence Hub promotes access to the best evidence for evaluation approaches by curating a collection of best practices and evaluation tools to be shared with National Strategy partners and stakeholders. 

Our What's New in Gambling Research newsletter is yet another way in which we delivered the latest information in support of the National Strategy to your mailbox.