The Academic Forum for the Study of Gambling

On behalf of the AFSG, Greo is accepting applications for:

29 January 2024 — Exploratory Research Grants

The deadline for expressions of interest is 20 February 2024 (23:59 GMT)
Applications are due 19 March 2024 (23:59 EST) 

Exploratory Research Grants develop capacity for research by providing funds to conduct preliminary/exploratory research that will encourage innovation and increase the capacity of researchers to compete successfully for other, larger, research awards and other funding sources. Such projects can include, but are not limited to:

  • Secondary analysis of existing data
  • Pilot and feasibility studies
  • Development or testing of instruments
  • Development of research methodology
  • Small, self-contained research projects

Three grants are available: two valued at up to £30,000 and one valued at up to £90,000.

For more information, see the application guidelines.

29 January 2024 — Student Travel/Conference Grants

Support is available for Master’s and PhD students, and to those who hold postdoctoral positions for registration and/or travel expenses to participate in conferences, workshops, training, courses, and other research-related activities.

For more information, see the application guidelines.

29 January 2024 — Open Access Funding

Timely access to quality evidence is a key component of knowledge translation. We believe that providing free and open access to gambling research published in scholarly journal articles will remove barriers to access and allow a larger audience to benefit from existing evidence. To encourage the development of new evidence, we offer support to those planning on publishing open access research.

For more information, see the application guidelines.

About the AFSG

The Academic Forum for the Study of Gambling (AFSG) is a group of academic researchers in the UK dedicated to advancing the research needed to effectively prevent, reduce, and address gambling harm. The purpose of the AFSG is to act as a coordinated body to assert the importance of rigorous, independent research to prevent, reduce, and address gambling harm in the UK. To accomplish its aims, the AFSG engages in a number of activities including, but not limited to:

  • responding to or initiating calls for evidence;
  • providing seed grants for promising research;
  • supporting independent gambling conferences;
  • public engagement; and
  • providing opportunities for students. 
AFSG activities and grants are funded from regulatory settlements for socially responsible purposes. More information about AFSG funding can be found here.
To learn more about the AFSG visit